Guangdong Province's "Double Hundred Action" rural public service university alliance work site promotion meeting was held at Xinyi
The school party committee starts the deployment of party discipline learning and education
The school holds a 2024 high -quality development conference、All (expanded) meeting and spring semester work conference
The establishment of the establishment of bet365 live casino and sports betting the Rural Revitalization Research Institute and the "Double Hundred Action" Promotion Meeting
The first Hong Kong teacher training and exchange base in the country settled in South China Normal University
2024 South China Normal University New Year Constellation: Zhenduo Nine ranks,Creating first -class
South China Normal University Holds 2023 Chinese Foreign University Presidential Forum
South China Normal University held the 90th anniversary development conference of the school
Warmly celebrates the 90th anniversary of the establishment of a school in South China Normal University
The school holds the study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideological theme education summary meeting
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