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Figure 1: The delegation of the conference of our hospital was AMBA in 2024&BGA Global Annual Conference Field photo
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Figure 2: Dean Peng Wingyu in AMBA in 2024&BGA Global Annual Conference Main Conference Share using advantages to help business education high -quality development new opinions
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Figure 3: 2024 AMBA&BGA Global Annual Meeting Chinese delegation in the main meeting
Figure 4: College delegation and AMBA&BGA Judging Director and Director of Strategy and Innovation Department George LLIEV at the Lord Club
Figure 5: College delegation and AMBA&BGA Global Project Review Director VICTOR at the main scene of the main meeting
2024-5-22 15: 2
The delegation of the School of Economics and Management bet365 live casino and sports betting was invited to Hungary to participate in AMBA in 2024&BGA Global Annual Meeting
Source: School of Economics and Management|Author:Du Ling|Editor: Lu Jiayu

May 12-15,2024 British Master of Industry and Commerce Association and Business School Graduate Association (referred to as AMBA&BGA) Global Annual Conference was held in Budapest, Hungary,More than 300 representatives from more than 100 business schools from China and the world in China participated in the conference。Peng Wingyu, Dean of the School of Economics and Management、Lai Xiaodong, Director of the International Office、MBA Education Center professional teacher Meihu、Economic Behavior Science Key Laboratory Professional Teacher Xiong Guanxing and his group were invited to attend the meeting。

Amba in 2024 in 2024&BGA Global Annual Conference conducted 16 theme forums and 16 parallel sub -forum special Bet365 Poker reports,Discuss the latest development of MBA education、Management Strategy of MBA Business Education、Artificial Intelligence (CHATGPT) empower business education、Digital transformation、Lifetime learning、Tolerant Development、Special Education of Chinese Business School、Technology Innovation Education MBA Education、MBA Responsibility Management Education and Class Education Evaluation、Sustainable entrepreneurship and leadership development、Cooperation Innovation、Innovation and change、BGA's exploration of unique values ​​of business schools、amba&The latest developments and re -certification processes of BGA certification standards。

in AMBA&BGA China International Advisor、Professor Wang Chongming at the School of Management of Zhejiang University,amba&BGA bet365 live casino and sports betting Judgment Director and Director of Strategy and Innovation, Bet365 Poker George lliev,amba&BGA Jury Chairman、Professor of the University of Edinburgh's Business School Wendy Loretto co -hosted in the "Unique Development and Advantage Report Display Showing" theme forum of "Chinese Business School",Peng Wingyu was invited to make the theme of the high -quality development of "how to integrate the advantages of business institutions to integrate advantageous disciplines to help business education and research。

More than 100 representatives from more than 30 Chinese universities and business schools this year will go to Chongyang Ginseng,During the meeting,The organizer held a special forum for the Chinese Business School,Invite the deans of each college to participate,and organized multiple sub -forums,Share the education and management experience of many universities in international universities。

During the meeting, the college delegation also worked with AMBA&BGA bet365 live casino and sports betting Judgment Director and Director of Strategy and Innovation Department George LLIEV conducted discussions and exchanges,How can the School of Economics and Management of South China Normal University use AMBA&The BGA platform expands the cooperation with the global business school to discuss,Mr. George LLIEV affirmed the enthusiasm of the college in participating in AMBA/BGA global activities and transactions,and hope that the college can take the initiative to integrate into the BGA member network platform,Expand the scope of exchanges and cooperation。At the same time,Also with amba&BGA Global Project Review Director Victor Consulting and discussed the re -certification of the college in 2026。

By participating in AMBA in 2024&BGA Global Annual Meeting,The college has gained many well -known business schools at home and abroad in business education、Performable experience in management and practice,Learn and Bet365 Poker understand the cutting -edge theory and development trend of MBA education and business,Take this opportunity,It has also further deepened the understanding of many international business schools,Establish a good cooperative relationship with domestic brothers colleges,Expand the international vision,Provides new development ideas and reform directions for the high -quality development of college discipline development and high -quality business education。The college will take this as an opportunity,Further use international certification as the starting point,Construction in Discipline、Student training、International project development、International Teachers Construction、Differential professional settings, reform and practice,Promote the comprehensive and comprehensive development of college's discipline Bet365 Poker construction and business education。

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