2024-5-21 15:48
The Audit Committee of the South China Normal University Committee of the Communist Party of China held the first meeting of the first meeting of 2024
Source: Audit Office|Author:Lin Yuxuan|Editor: Lu Jiayu

morning May 20,Director of the Audit Committee of the School Party Committee、Secretary of the Party Committee Wang Binwei presided over the first meeting of the Audit Committee in 2024,First Deputy Director of the Audit Committee、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Principal Yang Zhongmin,Deputy Director of the Audit Committee、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Secretary bet365 live casino and sports betting of the Discipline Inspection Commission Zhong Chengcai and other members attended。

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The meeting conveyed the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the first meeting of the 20th Central Audit Committee and the "Audit Measures for the Economic Responsibility of Leading Cadres in the Education System in Guangdong Province",Review the "South China Normal University's 2024 Internal Audit Work Plan" and "The Fifteenth Five -Year Plan for the Development of South China Normal University and the Thinking of the Temporars of 2013",Research and deployment of the next stage of work。

Yang Zhongmin leads to point out,To understand deeply、A series of important exposition spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on bet365 casino blackjack the audit work,Grasp the strategic positioning of the audit work,Optimized audit management,Deepen the use of audit results,better play the "X -ray" physical examination role of internal audit,Provide a strong and effective audit supervision service guarantee for the development of the school's cause。He proposed a few specific opinions for the audit work,1 is to take the solid political direction。Keep the school party committee decision deployment and work requirements,Where is the work of the party committee center、Where is the focus of the audit。Second, the key point is closed。To promote the full coverage of the audit to expand in depth,"Precision Pulse" and "Comprehensive Medical Examination" for the use bet365 live casino and sports betting of school funds and internal management。Third is to put the quasi -mission requirements。To persist in problem orientation,Firmly establish "No problem is found to be negligent、The consciousness of discovering that it is malfeasance without reporting is ",Precise revealed the question、Active research countermeasures。Fourth is to build a strong audit iron army。We must carry out classification training in a targeted manner,We must seriously implement the "Four Prohibited" work requirements and the "Eight Inconsistent" work discipline。

Wang Binwei fully affirmed the work done in the early stage of the Audit Committee,Set clear requirements for the next audit work。First, improve political bet365 live online casino standing,Effectively enhance the sense of mission of doing a good job in the new era of school auditing、sense of responsibility。We must take the profound meaning of "such as the arm", "such as the shadow", "like the thunder", "Three Ru Ears"。The audit work of schools in the new era must better ensure the promotion and implementation of the school's "1238" development strategy,The results of audit results are more powerful、Effective。Second is to strengthen overall planning,Effectively enhance the pertinence of school audit、Effective。To strengthen the strategic planning and top -level design in the audit field,Construction concentrated unity、Comprehensive coverage、Authoritative and efficient bet365 live casino and sports betting audit supervision system,Do a good job of law、Audit and research audit in accordance with the rules,Consider the question、Check Deep、Check it。Third is the responsibility of compacting work,Effectively enhance the driving force of the school's "competing for first -class"、Guarantee。To improve and improve the working mechanism,To promote audit supervision solidly,Pay attention to urging rectification and implementation,Enhance the cooperation and cooperation of various departments。To strengthen audit protection,Select the best audit cadre,Improve the political quality and professional level of auditors,Ensure that audit work funds are included in the school budget every year,The bet365 live casino and sports betting effect of "spending small money to generate great benefits"。

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