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Poor function matching method constructed 幺 幺,"Closer" of complex reality interaction H and easy processing interaction H^s
2024-5-16 11:13
Ma Yuanzhuo Special Associate Researcher at the Quantum Material Research Institute published important research results in the "Nature" magazine
Source: Quantum Material Research Institute|Author:Ma Yuanzhuo|Editor: Lu Jiayu

Recent,Ma Yuanzhuo Special Associate Researcher Ma Yuanzhuo bet365 live online casino in the Quantum Material Research Institute has made important progress in the field of quantum multi -body theory。In order to solve the difficulty of processing complex interactions in the quantum poly body calculation,International atomic nuclear lattice point effective field theory cooperation group (Dr. Ma Yuanzhuo is one of the main members) proposed a new set of theoretical methods,and using this method for the first principle calculation of nuclear physics (AB Initio)。Innovativeness due to this method、Wide application and push for nuclear theoretical methods,Related results Published on May 15th "Nature" magazine。

From strong -related Fermi bet365 casino blackjack system to quantum chemistry,From atoms and molecular systems to nuclear physics,AB Initio (AB Initio) is calculated in the in -depth understanding of many sub -fields of the quantum multi -system system.。Due to the complexity of the interaction of the real quantum system,High -precision first principle calculation is often full of challenges。In this job,Researchers proposed a new solution to solve this problem,Wave Function Matching method。

The core of the matching method of the wave function is to build a set of interaction between particles interacting。Such positive transformation can be in r & lt; r Division, the original, high -precision Hami volume Two particles wave functions and use "easy solve" Hamilton amount h^s Two particles wave functions match。Through such a positive change,Can get high precision、and h^s Similar new Hamilton quantity h '. For multi -body system, use h^s Calculation will be very easy, while smaller h'-h^s The contribution can be considered through multi -body micro -disturbance theory。One of the direct applications of this method is to solve the difficulty of "symbolic shock" in the quantum Monte Carlo method。

In this job,Researcher applies the wave function matching method to the calculation of the grid quantum Monte Carlo,Using high -precision handle Bet365 betting website nuclear force,Light quality atomic core、Medium -quality atomic core、Calculation of the relevant nature of neutron substances and nuclear substances,The calculation results are good with the experimental data。These results not only provide new insights for the study of nuclear force,Can help solve the calculation of atomic first principle calculation,Long -term,Atomic nuclear energy、High -precision calculation of high -precision calculation of the quality of the charge radius and nuclear material。

The author of this article is Professor Dean Lee from Michigan State University,Its collaborators come from Michigan State University,University bet365 casino blackjack of Bonn, Germany,South China Normal University,Yu Lixi Research Center,Graduate School of Chinese Institute、Sun Yat -sen University, etc.。Dr. Ma Yuanzhuo Ma Yuanzhuo of the South China Normal University Research Institute relies on the high -quality computing resources of the South Nuclear Science Calculation Center,Develop a large -scale high -performance GPU grid calculation program,Provides a strong support for the theoretical calculation of this work。This work has been supported by the National Nature Fund Commission Youth Project。

Original link: https://www.nature.com/articleS/S41586-024-07422-Z

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