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2024-5-15 10:40
The school was evaluated "National Outstanding Easy Class Co -Building Universities"
Source: Party Committee Student Work Department (Graduate Work Department of Party Committee)|Author:Chen XiaCai XunxunZhang JiayinZhu Meiru|Edit: Lu Jiayu

Recent,The Education Development Center of the Ministry,Our school won the "National Outstanding Easy Class to build universities",Guo Qiqi, a counselor at the School of Physics, was awarded "National Outstanding Easy Class Counselor"。

South China Normal University since entering the Yi Class in 2018,Persist in the fundamental task of Lideshu people,Give full play to the promotion role of the Yiban platform on the ideological and Bet365 Poker political work of colleges and universities,Effective expansion of the breadth and depth of the pattern of three complete education,Introduction of a series of series of easy -to -class light applications that reflect the excellent ideology of Chinese teachers、Network culture works,Create an important position for Easy Ban Networks and Politics and Education。In recent years,School Easy Class Network Cultural Works has won 31 national awards、66 provincial awards; teachers have won 6 provincial topics,3 provincial online cultural demonstration studios; new media works have been on the national Yiban headline 217 times,Ascended 82 times in Yueyi Class。2023,School Easy Class Dual Index Ranking Innovation High,Co -construction index is the second in the country,Stable in the top six of the country,Among them, the province is ranked first in 5 times; student works won the Bet365 betting website second prize of the 2023 National Easy Class Technology Innovation Competition、Won 2 second prizes for the 2023 Guangdong University Easy Class Technology Innovation Competition、Three prizes; teachers and students' works won the second prize in the 6th "National College Student Network Culture Festival and National College Network Education Excellent Works Selection Exhibition Activities"、1 Item of Third Prize、Excellent Award 3 items。

2023,Huashu Yiban focuses on student growth needs,Innovation "Easy Class+Party Construction Politics", "Easy Class+Innovation Education", "Easy Class+Sports Education", "Easy Class+Aesthetic Aesthetic Education", "Education Education", "Easy Class+Psychological Education",Promote the deep integration of network ideology and daily ideological and political work。

Huashu Yiban gives play to party building leaders,Carry out national security bet365 casino blackjack and confidential knowledge network answers、Integrity Education Knowledge Competition、Grade 2023 Freshman Examination,Guide students to strengthen their ideals and beliefs; technical innovation empower education,Create the incubation platform of the Easy Class Technology Innovation Contest,Cute the ability to innovate students' network ideological and political innovation; innovate sports education mode,In "May 1"、National Day、winter and summer vacation、New students enrollment and other learning punch -in activities Set sports punch section,Holding "Chinese Master Youth,Footprint Scattered "running for blessings,Encourage students to continue to strengthen physical exercise; carry out aesthetic education infiltration,Carry out "I and My Hometown" 1 minute of online original short video collection、Graduation season exhibition Bet365 Poker board collection and other activities,Help students' aesthetic literacy improvement; carry out labor and education activities,Set the labor practice section,Encourage students to improve labor literacy through a punch -in record mechanism; carry out psychological health education,Joint Psychological Counseling Center Carry out Emotional Pickup Activities、Create mental health excellent courses。

At the same time,School Easy Class pays attention to the enthusiasm of the secondary college,Relying on the "January One theme" education activity、Term projects of the secondary college Yi class special projects and other measures to carry out the joint construction of the school,Stimulate the vitality of the college's network ideological, political, and educated。2023,School Easy Class has carried out a total of 5 batch of 82 items for the second -level college.,Form the Bet365 Poker "one hospital, one boutique" network ideological and political work brand,Such as the School of Foreign Language and Culture "understand contemporary China,Tell Chinese Story "Reading Sharing Meeting、School of Geographical Sciences "Mountains and River Scroll Exhibition,New Star Ran Ran Sheng "Special Dormitory Convention Formation Activity、The Academy of Literature "Xie Fanjin‘ Yi ’Way,Ming School History Bid Fire "School History Answers and Freshmen Question Box Activities,attracted nearly 100,000 students online and offline、Alumni participation。

"Yi Ban,The dream of realizing education! "South China Normal University Yiban Development Center always adheres to the concept of educating people in Yiban,Place Lide Shi people in the primary position。Next,Huashu Yiban will continue to inherit the excellent tradition of the school's network ideological Bet365 betting website and educated people,Innovative network ideology and education form,Newcomers in the era of cultivating the comprehensive development of morality, intellectual, physical, and labor continues to struggle。

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