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2024-05-13 17:32:00

May 10,The university English teaching innovation and development seminar co -sponsored by the School of Foreign Languages ​​and Culture, Foreign Languages ​​Teaching and Research Press and South China Normal University was held at our school。The theme of this seminar is "Promote the Digitalization of Education,Deepen the cross -cultural speculative people ",More than 9,000 Bet365 Pokerhigher foreign language education colleagues from online and offline participation,Jointly explore the innovative development path of university English education under the context of the new era。

On the opening ceremony,Vice President of South China Normal University Yang Chengwei、Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press Deputy Editor -in -Chief Chang Xiaoling Zhi Zhi Zhi Zhi。Yang Chengwei expressed sincere welcome to all participants,He emphasizes,In the context of digital transformation,Foreign Language Education Reform Innovation,Promoting teachers' professional development is particularly important,and I wish this seminar a successful success。Chang Xiaoling pointed out,Bet365 Pokerhigher foreign language education is in a very critical transition period,This meeting focuses on university English innovation development,It is important。The state put forward higher requirements for talent training,Foreign language disciplines can only have greater development when innovation。

Associate Professor Yang Lifang of Beijing Foreign Studies University is based on the theme of "Diverse Ability -oriented University English Textbooks",It is pointed out in the context of the digital transformation of education,University English teaching in university must serve ability training,Exploring a new form -oriented new form university English textbook。Professor Chen Xiangliu, Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology Chen Xiangliu around "Experience Foreign Language Teaching and Politics and Education",Based on your own teaching case introduced the four elements of experiential foreign language teaching (4E model): environment、Participate、Happy and resonance。Associate Professor Deng Bowen of Zhanjiang Institute of Science and Technology takes the title of "Innovation of the Innovation of Digital Wisdom Energy Teaching Models",Detailed explanation of the teaching steps of digital intelligence enabled,and said that we must learn from students Bet365 betting websitedeep learning、Starting from cooperative learning and autonomous learning ability,Achieved the goal of educating people step by step。

To discuss the reform and innovation of university English,Share experience in English reform of university、Challenge and confusion,morning,At the 630 conference room of the School of Foreign Language and Culture, South China Normal University, a seminar on colleges and universities of university English teaching innovation and development seminar,From Beijing、Harbin、Shandong、Hainan、Guangxi、President or Dean of 19 colleges and universities in Guangdong and other provinces and cities,Representatives of Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press attended the meeting。

Professor Sun Youzhong proposed that the construction of university English needs to respond to "strong country construction,What is foreign language? "Question,It is pointed out that colleges and universities should pay attention to the high -quality development of higher education,Think bet365 casino blackjackabout how to make all aspects of talent training more standardized。Professor Gu Hongli published insights on the training of foreign language talents。She pointed out,Universities should pay attention to schools and colleges' characteristics,Considering how to cultivate foreign language talents that are consistent with the strategic goals of national education,Consider how to docking employment。The presidents attending the meeting also expressed their opinions。The dean introduced the situation of English teaching of their colleges and universities,And the multi -enrichment of English English (Language Ability、Cross -cultural ability、Surprising Ability、Learning ability、Cooperation ability、Digital Ability) The implementation of the concept; how to point foreign language teaching in colleges and universities to dialogue with the world,Tell the story of Chinese; how to cultivate students' humanistic feelings and speculative ability of college English; the problems that have appeared in bet365 live casino and sports bettingthe process of English education in colleges and universities have been extensively exchanged。

This seminar focuses on the path of English teaching innovation and reform and development of university,Discussion on college English reform and development,To create high -quality courses,Reform foreign language education,Improve the quality of teachers' talent training, etc.。

Author/Correspondent: Xia Mengyu Wang Tingting Zou Caiying Liu Qi