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2024-05-13 09:35:01

In order to promote the 2024 graduates, they are fully employed,May 9、10th,Our school successively hosted alumni companies to recruit 2024 graduates and 2025 internship special supply and demand meetings、2024 "Hundred Cities and Thousands of Schools and Thousands of Schools", Guangdong Provincial Private Enterprises and Universities together to promote employment operations。

May 9th,Alumni Enterprises Recruitment of 2024 graduates and 2025 internship special supply and demand meetings will be held at the Shipai Campus Hall Hall,A total of more than 80 alumni Bet365 Pokercompanies participated,Provide 268 of high -quality jobs,The number of recruitment needs more than 2,800 people。Standing Committee of the School Party Committee、Vice President Wu Jian、He Jingtao and the Student Work Department of the Party Committee (Graduate Work Department of the Party Committee)、Alumni Association (Education Development Foundation) The head of the Secretariat communicated with the representatives of alumni and alumni enterprises at the scene,Understand the development of the enterprise and employer needs。A resume is also set at the event site、Legal、Policy consultation point,Provide resume diagnosis and guidance for free on -site graduates、Rights Maintenance、Career Planning Consultation and other services。

On the afternoon of May 10,from the Guangdong Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce、Guangdong Education Department、The Human Resources and bet365 casino blackjackSocial Security Department of Guangdong Province、joint sponsor of South China Normal University,The 2024 "Hundred Cities and Thousands of Schools and Wan Enterprises" organized by the Guangzhou Provincial Civil Enterprise Hosted by the Guangzhou Municipal Industry and Commerce Federation and the employment operations of the private enterprises of Guangdong Province will be held at the campus campus of our university。Tang Xiaobing, a member of the Party Group of the Provincial Industry and Commerce Federation、Fang Bin, a second -level inspector of the Provincial Human Resources and Social Affairs Department, attended the event and spoke at the launching ceremony,The Minister of the Student Work Department of the Party Committee (Graduate Work Department of the Party Committee), Lian Zechun, delivered a speech on behalf of the school,Donbaikai Sheng Holding Group Representative、Representative of Foshan Weishang Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.、Chen Yahui, fresh graduates of the School of Physics bet365 casino blackjackat the School of Physics of our school, made exchanges.。Zhou Gui, deputy director of the Employment and Entrepreneurship Office of the Provincial Department of Education,Chen Li, a second -level inspector of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Federation, also attended the event。There are more than 210 companies at the job fair site to provide a total of 961 high -quality positions,The total number of recruits is 6531,A total of nearly 2,000 students came to job jobs。In the online live band post and online dual election activities,More than 150 companies participate in online recruitment,Provide 538 high -quality positions,Received more than 2000 delivery。In addition to the rich job search resource,Public welfare consultations such as "professional counseling", "resume diagnosis" and "study abroad business" were also opened at the scene,Provide professional guidance for graduating Bet365 Pokerstudents' enhancement of professional competitiveness。

100 -day sprint is the Ministry of Education、The Department of Education has done a good job of employment and entrepreneurship in the 2024 general college graduates,Keeping the key period of graduate graduates before leaving school,Key measures to promote the smooth employment of college graduates。School according to the requirements of superiors,Implementation of the special operation of the secretary of the secretary's visit to the enterprise and the promotion of employment,Organization to carry out a series of supply and demand meetings,Holding the 2024 "Yuefei Plan" -The National (Land) Overseas School Promotion Guidance Service Activity,Start a new round of career planning and employment and entrepreneurial individual consultation,Guiding the College to establish a job account for one person in one person,Location Bet365 Pokerof small、Special training camp,Forming a school and courtyard linkage1、Wide participation、Working pattern of common action,Help the successful employment of 2024 graduates。

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