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2024-05-09 19:30:36
Party discipline learning education

On the afternoon of May 9,The school holds the special counseling report of party discipline education and education reading class and the theoretical learning center group of the party committee (expanded) learning meeting,In -depth study and implementation of the revised "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",Promoting Discipline Disciplinary Studies and Education Deep Those。Wang Binwei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Principal Yang Zhongmin,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Zhong Chengcai,Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee、Vice President Wu Jian、He Jingtao、Liu Jianwen、Yang Chengwei,Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee、Vice -level cadre Chen Zhenghong attended the meeting。Wang Binwei presided over the meeting。

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Wang Binwei will thoroughly study and implement the Bet365 Poker"Regulations",Three opinions on the development of party discipline learning and education solidly。1 is to consolidate the foundation of thought,Maintain political fixed force,High standards carry out party discipline learning and education。It is necessary to advance from the high degree of political、Implementation of party discipline learning and education,The party's construction work leadership group and work class must do a good job of coordination,Strengthening guidance to the second -level party organization、Supervise and check,Analysis and judgment in the process of promoting the promotion process,Timely correction、Compact;,Full coverage of the grassroots party branch、Full process guidance and control,Enhanced pertinence; all grass -roots party branches must take good education、Management、Supervise the responsibilities of party members,Do the prescribed movement does not take the same way、Optional action is innovative,Really let each party member know the discipline of the discipline and education in the party discipline and education,Really play a vanguard role in comprehensive implementation of the school's "1238" development idea。

The second is the heart of often Hua Huaju,Maintain integrity and determination,High requirements bet365 live casino and sports bettingstrengthen the construction of discipline style。To learn education through party discipline,Promote the consciousness of party members and cadres to strengthen the discipline,Promoting the construction of disciplinary style to go deeply。Party members and cadres of the whole school must study the spiritual essence and regulations of the Regulations and regulations,Mastering political discipline、Organizational discipline、Clean Discipline、Mass Discipline、Work Discipline、The basic connotation and specific regulations of life discipline,Always be strict with self -discipline、Strict responsibility、Disciplinary Inspection Supervision,Make party discipline learning and education into enhanced discipline awareness、The process of refining party spirit cultivation。Disciplinary Inspection Supervision、Inspection and other departments must take the lead in strengthening the construction of disciplinary style,Continue to force on the anti -corruption of the righteous wind。To improve the supervision system,Promoting disciplinary inspection and supervision、Exercise in the same direction、Audit Supervision、Financial supervision and other effective supervision、Exercise in the same direction。Disciplinary education,Bet365 betting websiteStrengthen "Key Minority"、Important positions、Training and Education of young cadres and new cadres and employees, especially integrity education。Be sure to do a good job of style construction,Implement the opinions of strengthening the construction of improvement,Create the wind and clear the air、Entrepreneurship atmosphere for the upward officer。

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Third is the responsibility of the mission,Maintaining hard work,High -quality promotion of school work。Carrying out party discipline learning and education is ultimately reflected in action、The foothold is on promoting the development of the cause。Currently, the school is fully implemented in the "1238" development idea、"Striving for first -class"、The critical period of promoting high -quality development,To accelerate the implementation of work points in 2024 and the key work of the spring semester,Especially the discipline professional optimization adjustment、Institutional preparation reform、Construction of the cadre team、Financial Management Reform、Five reform tasks including logistics support reform,Leaders and leading departments in charge of school must carefully sort out and summarize the promotion situation,The Party and Government Office must hurry up and supervise bet365 live casino and sports bettingthe implementation。To persist in catching both hands、Two Promotion,closely combining the development of party discipline and education with the promotion of school key work,Implement the various regulations of the party constitution and discipline to action、It is reflected in the work requirements of the school to create "eight first -class",Each measure for party discipline learning and education has become an effective measure for promoting centers。

Wang Binwei emphasized,Party members and leading cadres of the school must contact the actual work,By leading learning、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,With more firm beliefs、More stringent style,Performing duties seriously,Active responsibility as,Provides a strong guarantee for promoting the high -quality development of the school's cause。

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will be on it,Professor Hu Guosheng, deputy dean of the School of Marxism, made a special counseling report on "Study and Implement the" Regulations on the Communist Party of China "。He started with the three revisions of the Regulations since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,Comprehensively interpret the background of the revision of the Regulations、Features、Purpose and meaning,and some key provisions for the addition or modification of the bet365 casino blackjackRegulations,Perform professional and detailed analysis and interpretation,Comprehensively understanding for the participants、Strictly abide by the Regulations to provide useful reference。

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The main venue of this meeting is located at the Stone Campus International Conference Hall of the Guangzhou Campus,Member of the Party Committee of the School、Branch venues。Member of the Party Committee of the School、Member of the Discipline Inspection Commission,School full -time inspector,The deputy office of the government department,Deputy Director of the School Education Association、The Chief Chairman of the School Trade Union、The deputy secretary of the school league committee,The deputy party and government of each second -level unit,Each second -level party committee (Party branch、Direct Party branch) Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Disciplinary Inspection Member,Economic entities (logistics centers、School -run enterprises) The person in charge of,Affiliated High School Party and Government Deputy Resident,Vice President Affiliated Xiaozheng、A total of nearly 300 people participated in the meeting。

Author/Correspondent: Zhang Shengyu Shi Shuangshuang Lu Jiayu