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2024-05-09 15:21:34
Dynamics of second -level units

May 7th,hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education、Holding South China Normal University、The professional ability improvement training (high school) project co -organized by the school co -organized by the School of Philosophy and Social Development in the School of Philosophy and Social Development opened as scheduled。Tan Junsheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Philosophy and Social Development of South China Normal University,Training Bet365 PokerClass Teacher Luo Changqing、Ni Juan、Zhuo Xiaoxin and the assistant staff of the training class attended the opening ceremony。Ceremony is chaired by Luo Changqing。

At the beginning of the opening ceremony,Tan Junsheng first expressed his sincere welcome on behalf of the School of Philosophy and Social Development of South China Normal University.,And introduced the basic situation of the school and the college and the related matters of this training。Tan Junsheng said,South China Normal University is always committed to the practice exploration and theoretical research of basic education in Guangdong,At the same time, three points of expectations for participating students: First, to clarify the training purpose,Fully realize the importance of this training; the second is to cherish training opportunities,Contact Actual,Diligence; Third, strictly abide by the Bet365 Pokertraining discipline,Obief training arrangements。Last,Tan Junsheng wishes all trainees to get something in this training,Commonly promoting basic education and another step,And I wish this training a complete success。

Subsequent,Cao Yang, Guangdong Experimental Middle School, speak as a student representative。First of all, he emphasized the importance of the class teacher's work,The head teacher of the backbone class is the core of moral education,The key to the majestic and great cause of the school educating people。At the same time,Facing new problems that appeared in the new era,Moral education work also needs to keep pace with the times,Call new theory,Put forward a new countermeasure。Based on this,He proposed that the work of the class teacher needs to be summarized and promoted,From want to do it to dry,From being capable to hard work,Finally love dry,This is the path Bet365 betting websiteof professional educating people,It is also a manifestation of the professional value of the class teacher。Finally he said,All trainees will follow discipline,Oly -obey command; study carefully,Improve ability;,Summary reflection,Continuously enhance the wisdom of moral education and the realm of moral education。

After the opening ceremony is over,The training course officially kicked off。This training is to thoroughly implement the socialist thought of socialist characteristics with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Implement the 20th spirit of the party,Main targets to improve the bet365 casino blackjacklevel of moral education work in the first -tier class of basic education in our province,Tightly combined with the actual needs of the current development of the head teacher on the current "double reduction" policy background,Focus on the core ability construction bet365 live online casinoof the class teacher,Promote the effective conversion of education theory and practice of education,Use targeted、Practical and forward -looking training mode,Further strengthening the construction of the teacher team of our province,Cultivate a batch of high quality、Professional、Innovative high school backbone class teacher。

As one of the high -end training demonstration projects of the elementary and primary school teachers in the Xinqiang Teachers Project in Guangdong Province,This time in 2024, the professional ability of the head teacher of Guangdong Province, the professional ability improvement training program, attracted a total of 50 first -tier high school backbone class teachers from 21 cities in the province actively participated。In the next training,The School of Philosophy and Social Development will continue to implement the spirit of superior notice,Further improve the ability and bet365 casino blackjacklevel of moral education work in the first -line high school backbone of the province's basic education,Guide for moral education for high school class teachers in the province's basic education system、Construction and Service。

Author/Correspondent: School of Philosophy and Social Development