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2024-04-24 15:49:07
Party discipline learning education

morning on April 23,The school holds 2024 comprehensive and strict party management meeting,In -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thought on the party's self -revolution,Comprehensive implementation of the party's 20th and 20th Central Discipline Inspection Commission Third Plenary Session,Implementation of the Ministry of Education's 2024 education system comprehensive and strict party management video conference、Thirteenth Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission Third Plenary Session and the provincial education system comprehensive and strict party work video conference spirit,Summary 2023 The school's comprehensive and strict party work,Deploy 2024 Main job。Wang Binwei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Principal Yang Zhongmin,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Zhong Chengcai,Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee、Vice President Wu Jian、He Jingtao、Liu Jianwen、Yang Chengwei,Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee、Vice -level cadre Chen Zhenghong attended the meeting。Yang Zhongmin chair the meeting。

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Wang Binwei pointed out in his speech,To take the grades and deficiency correctly,Implementation of one grasp,firm and comprehensive and strictly governing the party's confidence and determination。2023,The school's party committee has thoroughly implemented the important idea of ​​General Secretary Jinping on the party's construction,Strict tone of persistence、Take strict measures,Continuously advancing the comprehensive and strict governance of the party,Leading the new results of the party'bet365 casino blackjacks new effects to ensure the high -quality development of the school to achieve new results。Specifically,First, insist on raising the flag to lead the strong,Political construction is strong and orderly; the second is to persist in the theory of building the soul and the strong theory,Theme education goes deeply; the third is to adhere to the aggregation to empower strong people,Propaganda thoughts and politics are new; fourth, adhere to the solid -based rammed base and strong system,Organizational construction quality improvement and efficiency; fifth, adhere to the strong style of Suji Qingyuan,Political Ecology upward。But there are also some shortcomings and weaknesses,The effectiveness of the theme education needs to be further expanded,Responsibility for governing the party still needs to be further compacted,grass -roots tissue functions need to be played further,grass -roots tissue functions need to be played further,Style construction intensity needs to be further strengthened。To face up and pay attention to these problems,From leading the guarantee school to "strive for first -class"、The height of high -quality development,Combined with the development of party discipline learning and education,Find the crux of the symptoms、targeted force、System policy、Specimen and Treatment,Promote the continuous development of the party in an all -round way。

Wang Binwei emphasized,To grasp the key and key points accurately,One strict grasp of implementation,Maintain the strength and scale of the party strictly governing the party。The school comprehensively and strictly govern the party in 2024,The word "strict" still runs through all,Do a good job of five aspects of key work。The first is to persevere in political construction。To improve the political construction mechanism,Expand theme education results,Strongly carry out party discipline learning and education,Improve the Soul -Casting Education System。The second is to persevere and strict organizational system。To do a good job bet365 live casino and sports bettingof the establishment of the "second half of the article",Increase the classification guidance of grass -roots party building,Promoting party building "double innovation" achieves better results。Third, persistently the team of cadres。To strengthen the construction of the cadre team,Improve the training quality and efficiency of cadres,Do a good job of cadre supervision and management。Fourth is perseverance and serious discipline style。To improve the disciplinary inspection and supervision mechanism,Integrate "Three Nothing Rotten",Correct tree and improve the style。Five is to persist in strict security defense line。To strengthen the implementation of responsibilities、Position Management and Supervision Questions。

Wang Binwei request,To strengthen responsibility and responsibility,One effort to grasp the implementation,Improve the effectiveness and long -term effect of strictly governing the party。All departments、The person in charge of each unit as the "key minority",It has an important responsibility for the strict and strict governance of the party,To achieve "three always"。First, always put political ability in the first place。We must continue to strengthen political judgment、Political understanding、Political Execution,"The Great of the Country"、Keep in mind the "Provincial Need" and "Those in the Bay Area"、Planning "School Essence",Strategic deployment of the benchmark against the COP、Decision arrangements for the Provincial Party Committee and the school's key tasks,From talking about politics、Speaking of the overall situation,From the perspective of the future development of the school, calculate the "big account",Counting "long -term accounts"。Second, always put the "two responsibilities" in implementation。Members of all units must be discovered in time、To solve the problems existing in the unit; the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of each level、Discipline Inspection Commissioners bet365 live casino and sports bettingmust carry forward the spirit of the struggle,Assist the school's disciplinary committee to carry out relevant work; all functional departments must perform their supervision and supervision responsibilities,Especially for inspection and supervision、Audit supervision、Financial and Accounting Supervision also play a greater role。Third, always engraving discipline and rules in mind。Party members and leading cadres at all levels of the school must consciously improve their positions,Active adaptation of the new normal of discipline "more and more stricter"。Study one step in the discipline and knowledge、Learn one layer,Further strict party discipline and rules,Clear the red line of the discipline and law;、Work table,Take the first to achieve "self -low、Itself is positive "; we must use the heart to organize the development of party discipline and education,Highlighting learning focus、Highlighting things around you、Highlighting learning results,Promote the obedience to the rules and discipline in the unit,Promoting disciplinary learning effectively transformed into a strong motivation for comprehensive and strict governance of the party and the development of career development。

"Comprehensive and strictly governing the party will always be on the road",Wang Binwei finally emphasized,New year,Party organizations at all levels of the school and the majority of party members and cadres must use high political consciousness、Thought consciousness and action conscious,Keeping the party in an all -round way,The new achievements of the new results of the strict and strict governance of the party into the new achievement of the development of the school's "1238" development,Converted into a high -quality development of schools、8968_8978,Welcome the 75th anniversary of the founding of the New China with practical achievements。

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Yang Zhongmin convey the spirit of the 20th Central Discipline Inspection Commission of the 20th Central Discipline Inspection Bet365 betting websiteCommission、The spirit of the Thirteen Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission of the Thirteenth Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission and the spirit of the work video conference of the party's education system in 2024,and put forward four requirements for the implementation of the spirit of superiors and school conferences。1 is to quickly convey learning,Unified thoughts。All units should quickly organize publicity and learning,Pass the spirit of the meeting to every teacher and student,Guide the major meaning of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thought on the party's self -revolution、Rich connotation and practical requirements。The second is to close the target requirements,Build a disciplinary defense line。Carrying out party discipline learning and education is an important measure to promote the strict and strict development of the party。This party discipline study and education should be used as an opportunity for leakage and filling in,Learn again、Receive Meet、Deepen。Third is the integration of party building business,Coordinated development。It is necessary to comprehensively and strictly manage the work of the party and the implementation of the school's "1238" development ideas、The same deployment with the promotion of the school's "double first -class" construction,The tasks deployed in this conference with the key tasks of the school's high -quality development、Combined with various important tasks in the spring semester,Integrated advance、Overall implementation。Fourth is strengthening responsibility,Seeking work effectiveness。It is necessary to effectively fulfill the responsibility and supervision responsibility of strictly governing the party's main body,Actively find ideas from the important idea of ​​the party's self -revolution、Finding method,Efforts to improve high -quality development、Service teachers and students、Ability to prevent the ability to resolve risks,Be a good school decision -making deployment performer、Action School、Struggle。

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Bell Chengcai reports 2023 school discipline inspection and supervision Bet365 Pokerwork,Deploy 2024 work task。He pointed out,Under the strong leadership of the school's party committee and the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission,The school insists on comprehensive and strict、One strict to the end,firmly promoting comprehensive and strict governance of the party,​​firmly deepen the righteousness and discipline,firmly unswerving anti -corruption punishment,Strengthen political supervision、Integrate "Three Nothing Rotten"、Stability of the people、Grasp the team building,Promoting supervision tangible、Effective,Promoting corruption governance strong、There are festivals,Promoting disciplinary inspection and supervision work is affectionate、With degree,Promote the orderly team building、Youdao,Continue to consolidate the effectiveness of the school in recent years in recent years。Zhong Chengcai also analyzes the problems facing the current school discipline inspection and supervision,Focus on emphasizing three aspects of task in 2024,First is a centralized rectification of the unrequited winds and corruption problems around the masses,The second is to improve the school's comprehensive and strict party system,Third is to strengthen party discipline construction。

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will be on,All participants watched the warning education film "Don't forget the mission"。

This meeting is both a comprehensive and strict party work conference in 2024,It is also the launch meeting of the special reading class of party discipline learning and education,It is the first full -school collective learning since the development of party discipline learning and education。The conference adopts the form of video conference,The main venue is located in the Stone Campus International Conference Hall of the Guangzhou Campus,In Foshan Campus、Shanwei campus is set up with branch venues。

Member of the School Party Committee、Disciplinary Committee member,School full -time inspector,The deputy office of the government department,Deputy Director of the School Education bet365 live casino and sports bettingAssociation,The Vice Chairman of the School Trade Union,The deputy secretary of the school league committee,Each second -level unit party and government deputy post,Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Party Organization of the second level、Discipline Inspection Commissioner,Economic entities (logistics centers、School -run enterprises) The person in charge of,Affiliated High School and Elementary Party and Government Deputy Resident,A total of more than 300 people attended the meeting。

Author/Correspondent: Lu Jiayu