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2024-01-27 21:15:07
Double Hundred Action

January 27,Establishment Ceremony of the Institute of Rural Revitalization of South China Normal University and the "Double Hundred Action" Promotion Conference was held at Shipai Campus, South China Normal University。Former Standing Committee member of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee、The former secretary of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission Huang Xianyao,Deputy Director of the Reform Office of the Provincial Party Committee、The full -time deputy director of the "Millions of Project" of the "Million Project" of the Provincial Headquarters,Member of the Education Working Committee of the Provincial Party Committee,Member of the Party Group of the Provincial Department of Education、Deputy Director Zhu Jianhua,Member of the Party Group of the Provincial Agricultural and Rural Department、Deputy Director,Chen Zongyun, deputy director of the Provincial CPPCC Agriculture and Rural Committee,Original full -time deputy director of the Office of the Rural Work Leading Group of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee、Liang Jian, former full -time deputy director of the Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau,Elected by the National Major Talent Project、Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Development National Sciences、Liu Yan Sui, Director of the Research Center, Director of the Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Wang Binwei, Secretary of the Party Committee of South China Normal University, attended the meeting。The meeting was chaired by Wang Yan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of South China Normal University。

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Wang Binwei delivered a speech on behalf of the school。He welcomes the arrival of all leaders and guests,Use "History、There are scale、There are special features、There is a vision "introduced the basic situation of the school。He said,As the "Double First -class" Normal University,The school always keeps in mind the "big of the country",Actively serve the "provincial needs",The power of the whole school to implement the "millions of projects" and promote the "double hundred operations"。Wang Binwei pointed out,Establishment of Rural Revitalization Research Institute,It is the school actively responding to Guangdong's "Million Project"、Actual action to promote coordinated bet365 casino blackjackdevelopment of urban and rural areas in Guangdong,It is also the school's playful characteristics、Demand needs to promote "Double Hundred Actions" to achieve solid results。I hope to take the establishment of the Institute as an opportunity,Explore the construction of the "project driver、Team collaboration、Fusion of production and education、School Land Cooperation、Political School Liege "new mechanism,Effectively implement the tasks of "millions of projects" and "double hundred actions" in place,Contributing to the power of the Chinese division for promoting the coordinated development of Guangdong urban and rural areas。Wang Binwei emphasized,The Research Institute will actively integrate resources inside and outside the school,Around agriculture、Follow the countryside、Serving farmers,Concentrate on the front line of agriculture and rural areas to learn、Study,Write the dissertation on the South Guangdong land that serves the high -quality development of Guangdong's rural economy and society。

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Chen Dezhong pointed out,South China Normal University actively play the leading role of provincial universities,Make effective work in helping the "millions of projects" and promoting the "Double Hundred Actions"。The establishment of the Research Institute will build a livable, livable, and beautiful village for Guangdong,Promote the comprehensive revitalization of the countryside and inject advanced concepts and new vitality,For the province's in -depth implementation of the "10 million projects",Promoting the coordinated bet365 casino blackjackdevelopment of urban and rural areas provides more solid and powerful intellectual support。He proposed three hopes,First, South China Normal University takes the establishment of the Rural Revitalization Research Institute as an opportunity,Give play to the only "double first -class" university advantage of running a school in the northwest of Guangdong,Building the Pearl River Delta innovation elements better radiate bridge in eastern and northwest of Guangdong,More direct、More deep、More powerful supporting coordinated development of Guangdong urban and rural areas; second, the Institute of Rural Revitalization Research Institute gives full play to the advantages of multi -disciplinary development of South China Normal University,Focus on Guangdong's "Ten million Project",Follow the province's urban and rural integration and development、Modernization of agriculture and rural areas need,Accelerate the development of agricultural scientific research,Vigorously cultivate talents in rural areas,Help the high -quality development of the rural economy,In technology、bet365 casino blackjackTalent empowering the country's revitalization to achieve greater results; third, experts and scholars on major issues involving high -quality development involved in Guangdong and towns and villages、major items、major measures and major policies conduct more in -depth research,Write the paper on the ground of Guangdong、Falling in the beautiful real scene of coordinated development in Guangdong's urban and rural areas。He also hopes at the same time,Municipalities and counties in various places to grasp the favorable conditions for the establishment of the Rural Revitalization Research Institute with South China Normal University,Do a good job of doing a good job,Courage to explore practice,Form more replication、Innovative experience that can be promoted。

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Zhu Jianhua briefly introduced the implementation of the "Double Hundred Actions" in Guangdong Province,It means that the Provincial Department of Education will provide necessary support and guarantee for the construction of the “Double Hundred Actions” and the China Revitalization Research Institute of China。I hope that all units will improve their political standing,Promote rural revitalization and "Double Hundred Actions" work with a strong sense of responsibility and mission,Education around rural areas、Rural Cultural Tourism、Rural Industry Revitalization、Village mental health、Rural Ecology, etc.,Do a solid research,Dynamic tricks、Real results、See results; improve the work mechanism of the Rural Revitalization Research Institute,Focus on strengthening the support of rural industry、Participate in collective economic operations、Explore grass -roots reform and innovation、Provide key tasks such as decision -making consulting services,Strengthening school -ground linkage,Realize the win -win school and land; create a demonstration model,Give full play to the leading unit of the alliance leading the demonstration role,Explore Research Summary and Promotion Typical Work Experience,Jooping up the social ability of universities in Guangdong Province,Gathering talents sink、Technology Sinking、Services sink,Promoting the formation of the "Double Hundred Actions" to help the revitalization of rural industries,Create a new model for the development of universities to help rural industry development、New brand、New model。

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Chen Zongyun said,Universities are the first productive forces of science and technology、The important combination of the first resources of talent and innovation first,Give full play to colleges and universities in science and education,、The role of talent strong farmers,It is important to speed bet365 live casino and sports bettingup the coordinated development of the urban and rural areas in Guangdong Province。South China Normal University actively optimizes the discipline layout,Increase the investment in scientific research and teaching in agriculture,Education in rural areas、Agricultural Economy、Rural Governance、Animal and Plant Research、Ecological environment and other fields have formed considerable results。I hope that South China Normal University will play the role of carriers such as the Rural Revitalization Research Institute,Explore the innovation model of integrated production, research and research,Accelerate the transformation of scientific research results,Create a research think tank for the high level of rural rejuvenation in our province、Innovation Center、Conversion platform and incubation base; at the same time,Give full play to the "double first -class" university advantage,Coordinating the high -quality resources inside and outside the school,Help Guangdong agricultural scientific and technological innovation and rural construction development。He also hopes that the agricultural and rural departments of all cities and counties will strengthen exchanges and cooperation with universities,Joint exploration collaboration efficiency、Resource sharing、mutual benefit and win -win school cooperation mechanism,Strive to implement innovation experience for the "Double Hundred Actions"、Create a model。

will be on,Huang Xianyao、Chen Dezhong、Zhu Jianhua、Chen Zongyun、Liang Jian、Wang Binwei、Subsequent、Liu Jianwen and others are "South China Normal University Rural Revitalization Research Institute" and Shanwei Branch、Xinyi Branch、Unveiling of Kaipai Branch。Subsequent,Wang Binwei is an expert from the expert consulting committee、Executive Dean、Director of the Research Center issued a letter of employment and took a photo with everyone。Liang Jian spoke as an expert representative,It means that he will perform his duties with hard work,Strengthening learning research,Give full play to professional expertise,Mecketing forces and research resources,To polish the brand of the Rural Promotion Research Institute of South China Normal University、Guangdong rural revitalization cause and "millions of projects" add bricks、Contribution strength。

Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee、County Mayor Qiu Canhui,Zhou Zhiwen, member of the Standing Committee of the Xinyi Municipal Party Committee, introduced Zhaoqing City Fengkai County、The promotion of the "Million Project" in Xinyi City, Maoming bet365 live online casinoCity。Wang Yan introduced the promotion of the "Double Hundred Actions" of South China Normal University9。

At the meeting, the signing ceremony of the Shanwei Municipal People's Government and South China Normal University jointly built the rural revitalization research institute、Signing ceremony for the capital of rural revitalization、CEO of Guangdong Rural CEO Cultivation Ceremony、Youth College Student "Million Project" Assault Team Flag Getting Ceremony。

Wang Binwei made a concluding speech。He emphasized,Research Institute was established for responding and promoting the "millions of projects",Its construction and development should also focus on the layout of "millions of projects" and "double hundred actions"。After the establishment of the Research Institute, focus on playing three cards,First is the "rural education" card,Relying on the Academy of Education and the Academy of College of College Entrance Examination,Taking "Xingzhi Courtyard" as a carrier,Establish a college curriculum and teaching theory expert、Teaching and research community of teachers and front -line teachers。In addition,Improvement through the teacher's education、Teacher post training、Building a psychological service system、Basic Education Cooperation School、Promote the digital transformation of education,Focus on improving the county area、The quality and level of school running schools in rural schools。The second is the "rural governance" card,Relying on the school Marxism、Law、Disciplines such as politics and public management,Deepen the study of rural party building and governance in the new era,Guide rural cadres to improve the comprehensive ability of rural governance,Improve the effectiveness of rural governance。Third is the "rural industry" card,Give full play to life science、Travel、Chemistry、Environmental and other multi -disciplinary advantages,Carrying out modern species breeding technical guidance,Actively link external enterprise resources,Help the development of local characteristic rural industries。Wang Binwei pointed out,The school's "Double Hundred Actions" achieved certain results with the efforts of all parties,But in comparison、Two prominent、Two participation、One provision of the "seven main tasks of the" seven main tasks is still insufficient,The school will continue to implement the "Double Hundred Actions",Help the "millions of projects" to go deeply,and emphasize three opinions,The first is to highlight the result orientation,Accelerate the implementation of key projects; the second is to adhere to innovation Bet365 Pokerand development,Efforts to create a model model for school -land cooperation; the third is to continuously improve the mechanism,Make sure the normalization of the "Double Hundred Actions"。

After the promotion meeting is over,Professor Liu Yan Sui made a special report entitled "The theoretical cognition and innovation path of comprehensive rural revitalization theory"。Professor Pan Jun of the Executive Dean of the Rural Research Institute of South China Normal University President Pan Jun presided over the report。

Afternoon that day,The school also holds the CEO of Guangdong Rural CEO for special cultivation。Professor Pan Jun entitled "How to become a rural CEO to become the fire of the revitalization of the countryside: feelings、Thinking and Strategy "academic report,Founder of Picking Pick up the co -founder、Yang Jia, vice president of Ji Fang Group, entitled "Partnership Creation、Sharing Win -win "CEO report,Village CEO elite representative、The initiator of the CEO Alliance of the Village respectively revolves around the CEO of the countryside、CEO Alliance Establishment and other aspects sharing experiences。Deputy Dean of the School of Tourism Management of South China Normal University、Professor Cai Xiaomei, Director of the Culture and Tourism Research Center of the Rural Revitalization Research Institute, give a meeting and summary,Deputy Dean of the School of Vocational Education、Professor Zhang and others of the Rural Vocational Education Research Center of the Rural Revitalization Research Institute presided over the cultivation meeting。

It is reported,To implement the national strategic deployment of rural revitalization and the specific deployment of the provincial party committee,In -depth implementation of the "Ten million Project",Solidly promote "Double Hundred Actions",South China Normal University established the Institute of Rural Revitalization。Research Institute according to the actual needs of rural revitalization,With 10 research centers based on the advantages of school disciplines,Experts and professors with outstanding scientific research level and business capabilities serve as the director and form a team,At the same time at Shanwei、Xinyi、Branch。The Research Institute will give full play to the advantages and characteristics、Reinforcement discipline cross、Integrate multi -dimensional resources,Focus on rural education、Rural Governance、The field of rural industry,Talent、Technology empowering rural revitalization,Contribute wisdom and strength to promote the coordinated development of Guangdong urban and rural areas。

Vice Mayor Zeng Hongwu, deputy mayor of Shanwei City,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Bet365 PokerSciences、Professor Deng Yingqun,Dean of the Guangdong Red Culture Research Institute、National first -level writer、Tan Qingrong, a special professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Special researcher at the Counselor's Office of the People's Government of Guangdong Province、Liang Jianwei, former director of the Guangdong Maritime Bureau of Senior Economist,The original first -level inspector of the Agricultural and Rural Hall in Guangdong Province、Professor Niu Baojun,President of the Guangdong Social Science Society、Special researcher at the Counselor's Office of the People's Government of Guangdong Province、Former Dean of the Guangdong Provincial Institute of Population Development、Party Secretary Dong Yuqun and other expert representatives,Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee of South China Normal University、Vice President Liu Jianwen,Wang Hailin, President of the School of Science and Technology and Technology, the School of Science and Technology,,Wu Qiang, Vice President of Panyu Vocational and Technical College,and the person in charge of the relevant functional department of the school、Student representative、Entrepreneurs representatives, more than 200 people attended the meeting。

Author/Correspondent: Lu Jiayu