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2023-12-27 08:47:04
Scientific research

Recent,Professor Lan Yagang team of the School of Chemistry of our school has gained important research progress in the catalytic application of 锆/铪 oxygen clusters,Published on "Science Bulletin" entitled "Sulfur Atom-Direct Metal-Ligand Synergistic Catalysis In Zirconium/Hafnium-Oxo Bet365 betting websiteClusters for Highly AMINE OXIDATION "research paper。Our school is the first completion unit of the paper,The first author of the thesis is Sun Shengnan, a doctoral student at the 21st doctoral student of the School of Chemistry of our school。This research has received the National Natural Science Foundation of China,Support for projects such as the Youth Pulling Project of the Pearl River Talent Program in Guangdong Province。

锆/铪 The characteristics of easy hydrolysis and its relatively inert metal reactivity greatly hinders the structural expansion and performance application of its metal matched objects。The work aims to expand the catalytic application of the matrix of 锆/铪 element bet365 live casino and sports bettingand improve its catalytic performance。In the text, a strategy of using functional ligands to coordinate metal activated sites to jointly catalyze to complete specific reactions to further improve catalytic performance。In this job,Through ligand engineering,Both stable 锆/铪 oxygen clusters (ZR9-TC4A and HF9-TC4A) were constructed with 4-Shu Dingli sulfur cup aromatic hydrocarbons (H4TC4A) ligands.,Among them, the unsaturated supporting sulfur atom on the TC4A4− ligand can produce a strong metal-ligand synergy with the nearby active metal 锆/铪 position。

Experimental and theoretical calculation results indicate,These 锆/铪 oxygen clusters bet365 casino blackjackare used as catalysts for amine oxidative reactions,It can achieve efficient substrate conversion rate and product selectivity through the synergies between two metals and ligands: (1) Efficient photocatalytic amine oxidation reactions through the synergies of dual active sites,where the sulfur atom site on the TC4A4 ligand is oxidized by photocopic acupoint,The photochemically restored oxygen molecules on the metal activated site; (2) Complete the aniline oxidation response through the synergistic catalyst of adjacent metal ligands,Among them, the sulfur atom site on the ligand is adsorbed to be closer to the metallic activity site,Then oxidant oxidation bet365 live online casinooxidation oxidation activated by the metal site。

This job is an important feasibility strategy for the later design of high -performance 锆/cymbal -based cooperative catalyst and develop more catalytic reaction types。

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