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2023-11-29 15:11:38
Scientific research

Recent,Our School South China Advanced Optoelectronics Research Institute Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Wave Research Center, Professor Zhan Qiuqiang's research team made breakthrough progress in the field of non -linear optics: proposed a universal series photon avalanche mechanism,Using a single snowpar nan engine,Ultra -high -end non -linear fluorescence (41 non -linear effects),and based on this, a series of glowing nano -photon avalanche fluorescence。This result was recently used "TANDEM Photon Avalanches For Various Nanoscale Emitters with Optical Nonlinearity up to 41st-Order Through bet365 casino blackjackInterface" as "as" as "as" as "as". The title is published online。

Photon avalanche is a phenomenon of ups and downgrade with super high -end non -linear optical response characteristics,The first time in 1979 was observed in the crystals,The characteristic of the manifestation is that after stimulating the light power exceeding a certain threshold,The transmitting fluorescent intensity increases with the intensity of the excitement and shows the super high -level nonlinear dependencies,The order of order is much higher than the traditional multi -light absorption。But in the past 40 years,Photon avalanche can only be observed in block materials,Even extreme conditions such as ultra -low temperature are required。Special,铒 (ER3+) ions in the fiber amplifier、Quantum communication、nano light、High -sensitive temperature measurement and other fields have important application value,But because it has bet365 live online casinoa rich peak、Base -level energy -level resonance absorption of broadband,Contrary to the principle of photon avalanches,It is difficult to achieve efficient nano -photon avalanche effect。To solve this problem,This research team is based on the early work (Nature Nanotechnology 17, 524–530 (2022)),The energy transmission path systematically systematically analyzes the energy transmission path from theoretical and experiments,Establishing a whole set of avalanche system models and using mathematical equation theory to simulate the dynamic dynamic process,Innovatively proposed a new mechanism of Tandem Photon Avalanche,Under room temperature conditions, the ultra -high -end optical non -linear fluorescent response of nano -mixed nanoparticles。specific,Nano particles with a multi -layer nuclear shell structure,Using high concentration ionic ions as avalanche nanometer,Under 1064 nm near infrared continuous Bet365 betting websitelight excitation,The avalanche energy of the ionic ions located on the nuclear layer passed the energy mechanism through the interface to other ions。Further combining the selective quenching effect of the transliteration of the transliteration of the ionic ions,More electronics located in the ions in the ionic ions back to the lower reservoir energy level,Promoting the energy cycle of avalanche,Under the lower threshold conditions, the non -linear optical response that is up to 41 at room temperature at room temperature at room temperature。

,This job will also extend the latter -lipstick avalanche machine to the ion ion ion、The commonly used ion and energy migration ions in the ion and conversion system,Successful detection of super high -end non -linear optical response curves covering multi -band fluorescence covering Blu -ray to near red light。The single bouquets realized by the work achieved the multi -ion nano -nano -nanoestian avalanche bet365 live casino and sports bettingmechanism under the inspiration of infrared continuous light helps to promote the research of the next -generation photon avalanche mechanism,At the same time, it is a super -distortion imaging that breaks through the diffraction limit、Light sensing、Light storage、Lightscup and nano lasers have extensive application prospects,will be non -linear optical、nano -photonology、An important impact in the fields of biological photonology。

Our graduate student Wang Chenzheng as the first author of the paper,Professor Zhan Qiuqiang's sole communication author,South China Normal University is the first completion unit and the unique communication unit。Participating in the work is also Zhan Qiuqiang's doctoral group of the research group.、Pan Binxiong and postdoctoral Pu Rui、Wang Baoju、Du Yangyang,Professor Zheng Kezhi, School of Physics。This research has received the Guangdong Provincial Excellent Youth Team Project、Bet365 PokerNational Outstanding Youth Science Fund、National Natural Science Foundation on Face、Support for special funding projects such as post -doctoral funds in China。

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Author/Correspondent: South China Advanced Optoelectronics Research Institute