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2023-11-21 16:06:44

Recent,The Office of the National Philosophy and Social Sciences Office announced the establishment of the 2023 National Social Science Foundation Funding Project,Our school's total project 9 items,Treasures are ranked 16th,Creating a new high。Over the date,Our school won 54 items of the National Social bet365 live casino and sports bettingScience Fund project in 2023,The total number of items ranks 15,Guangdong Province No. 1,The number of approval of these five types of projects has reached a new high of our school's history。

From the perspective of the subject,The later projects of the National Social Science Fund of our school are mainly distributed in 2 items of Chinese literature、Philosophy 2、Education 1 item,Party History · Party Construction 1、Linguistics 1、1 item of foreign literature、Archeology 1 item,Covering 7 disciplines。From the perspective of the college,A total of 6 colleges in our school have been approved by the National Bet365 PokerSocial Science Fund later funding project。See Table below for the specific establishment of the project。

2023 Our National Social Science Foundation Funding Project Funding Project Form Items

serial number


The person in charge

Project name

Disciplinary category


Organ Party Committee

Wang Songtang

Reconstruction of the Farmers Consciousness in the Communist Party of China — Examination centered on 1921-1949

Party History · Party Construction


School of History and Culture

Zhang Chi

The Road to Copper Mirror -Chinese Copper Mirror found by Eurasian Grassland



College of Literature

Lu Yan

From text to practice: The theoretical perspective and practical dimension of Eco novels

Foreign Literature


College of Literature

Gu Weijia

Bet365 Poker"Multi -dimensional Inspection compiled by the ancient text selection of regional ancient texts in the Ming and Qing Dynasties"

Chinese Literature


School of Philosophy and Social Development

Zhang Yunyi

Differences in the thoughts of Heidegger in the middle of the middle of the middle period



College of Literature


Guo Moruo's literary Chinese imagination and practice

Chinese Literature


School of Philosophy and Social Development

Liang Xianhua

Pure induction logic and inductive paradox research



Academy of Foreign Language and Culture

Fu Linling

Translation style research in gender perspective



School of Education and Science

Zhuo Zelin

Higher Education Participation


Author/Correspondent: Lin Yi