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2023-11-05 21:47:15
90th anniversary school

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Tide Chung Pearl River, the vocal sound is melodious.November 5,The 90th Anniversary Development Conference of South China Normal University was held grandly。Some Chinese alumni Chen Kaizhi (1964)、Xu Deli (1969)、Zhou Junming (1975)、Li Benjun (1975)、Fu Xing (1975)、Dai North (1980)、Huang Lanfa (1982)、Lin Musheng (1982)、Shi Yiyun (1983)、Yu Youjun (1985),Academician Zhong Nanshan, director of Guangzhou Lab,Academician Gao Song, president of Sun Yat -sen University,Professor Ma Jun, President of Beijing Normal University,Academician Qian Xuhong, President of Bet365 PokerEast China Normal University,Academician Zhang Liqun, President of South China University of Technology,Famous educators in our country、Mr. Lin Ling, President Lin Loru, President of South China Normal University,Dr. Honorary Dr. South China Normal University、Latvia Sinologist、Professor Beide Gao University of Latvia University and 34 party committee and government institutions,Government of Macau SAR、Macau Education and Youth Development Bureau,128 overseas and foreign universities、Mainland universities,107 companies、Public Welfare Organization,36 primary and secondary schools,Leaders and guests of 29 local alumni associations,Old leaders who have studied and worked at school,Alumni representative,More than 1,100 people attended the conference。Alumni at home and abroad、Teachers and students of schools and friends who care about the development of South China Normal University to watch the conference live broadcast through an online platform,Celebrate the birthday,Celebrate the birthday。

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10 am,Celebrating the conference kicked off in the solemn national anthem。

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The conference was chaired by Wang Binwei, Secretary of the School Party Committee。Wang Binwei on behalf of more than 50,000 teachers and students and employees on the four campuses of the three campuses of South China Normal University,Leaders who visited the conference、Guest、Alumni expressed sincere welcome,Caring for a long time、superior leaders who support school development、Party committees Bet365 Pokerand governments at all levels、Related departments、Brothers University、People from all walks of society、Alumni at home and abroad expressed heartfelt thanks。

On the eve of the school,Party committees Bet365 Pokerand governments at all levels、Brothers University、Friendly units and outstanding alumni sent 262 congratulatory letter letters,Severe congratulations on the 90th anniversary of the school's school,Give full affirmation of the school's achievements,Wishes for the development of the school with a good wish。Many alumni at home and abroad send a blessing video for alma mater。

vicissitudes of vicissitudes.90 years,South China Normal University has walked through the blue width of the road to the "ten veins one",From the dare to be the first to the innovation,From the "high level" to the extraordinary development path of "competing for first -class"。

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Principal Wang Enke entitled "Nine Grade Zhen Duo Xingbang Xingbang is a distinctive characteristics of teachers、Comprehensive、Specifications for the conference of innovative world -class universities and united struggle "。Wang Enko pointed out,90 years,Save the country from education、Education to promote the country to educate the country,South China Normal University always embrace the early heart of education newspaper。90 years,The development of each step of the school is strong with the country、National Revival and Resort、Traveling with the same direction。90 years,A generation of generations of Chinese southern divisions always adhere to the red teacher background、Teacher Education Features、Dare to be the first color、Enter the bright color with the times,Clame the distinctive South China Normal University character。Nine New Zhen Duo,South China Normal University is always the inheritor of red education,Always the persistent person of teacher education,Always dare to be the pioneer of the first,Always the reformer who keeps advancing with the times。

Wang Enke emphasized,Normal University,It is the first one; university,Is a civilized consciousness。South China Normal University will be based on the "two big situations","The Big One of the Country",Work hard to answer "Strong Country Construction、What is the era of Chinese master "era proposition,To accelerate the construction of Chinese characteristics、The responsibility of world -class universities is used as,Service High -quality Development。Entrusted Bet365 Pokernew journey,firmly implementing Lide Tree。Persist in and strengthen the party’s comprehensive leadership,Implement the party's education policy,Persist in educating people for the party、For the talents of national education,Socialist builders and successors who have developed more, intellectual, physical, and laborers contribute to the power of South China Normal University。Entrusted new journey,firmly unswervingly highlight the characteristics of the teacher。Vigorously promote the spirit of educators,In -depth implementation of the "New Normal University" construction,Cultivate more "self -cultivation、The excellent teacher and future educator of Kanchong Teacher,Contributing to the Education System of Teachers with Chinese Characteristics to contribute to South China Normal University。Entrusted new journey,Hardly move towards the world's first -class。Adhere to the "Four Faches",In -depth implementation of the "Building Peak、Top Plateau、Building a highland "discipline upgrade plan,Strengthen organizational scientific research,To serve the construction of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area,Promote the realization of high -level technology self -reliance to contribute to South China Normal University。Entrusted new journey,Unswervingly deepen key reform。Vigorously promote the key areas of the outline -collar type,Drive the overall level of the school。Improve the quality of connotation construction,Construction of "Three Campus and Four Campus" collaborative development pattern,Contributing to the power of South China Normal University for exploring the modernization of the university governance system and governance capabilities。

Avenue is like a long way.90 years,South China Normal University and friendly units、Brothers College、International partnership with the same direction、Sincere cooperation、Mutual promotion and advance,Formed deep friendship,Achieving fruitful results。

Director of Guangzhou Laboratory, Academician Zhong Nanshan, speech。Zhong Nanshan talks,South China Normal University was established on the occasion of national crisis,Growing in the tide of socialist construction,Development in a strong country of technology、On the occasion of national rejuvenation,Become the only national "Double First -class" Normal University in the Greater Bay Area,Cultivated more than 900,000 teachers and various talents for the country,I admirable。He also shared himself with Professor Wang Deliang of Huashu、The story of Academician bet365 live casino and sports bettingLiu Songhao。He said,Interest and humanistic spirit、Interest and humanistic spirit。At the undergraduate stage, students should cultivate students' innovative spirit,There must be a sense of mission,You can have your own interests under the mission,The most important thing for the human spirit is unity and collaboration。His hope,South China Normal University will continue to shoulders heavy tasks in the future,Cultivate more and better elite talents with innovative spirit。Guangzhou Lab and South China Normal University have frequently interacted in recent years、Contact close,Signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement in October last year,Open a joint training talent for high starting point、Co -Construction Joint Research Center、Sharing scientific research resources and other cooperation,In -depth exploration of the coordinated training mechanism for science and education in the tip of innovative talents,Together to accelerate the construction of a strong country for education、Science and Technology Powerful Power、The contribution of talent strong country。

Academician Gao Song, president of Sun Yat -sen University, addressed。Takamatsu said,As a well -known university with a long history and glorious tradition,Today's Chinese master is with its deep cultural accumulation,Bright discipline characteristics and brilliant schooling achievements,Become a teacher's education characteristic、A complete high -level comprehensive normal university with a complete discipline category,The southern highland for becoming a southern highland for cultivating education talents in China。September University and South China Normal University、Deep source、Bloodline is connected,Always maintaining a good cooperative relationship。In the future, two universities will continue to deepen cooperation,The pace of accelerating the construction of a world -class university with Chinese characteristics,To serve the national strategy and the construction of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area,To build a strong country for education,Make common efforts。

Academician Qian Xuhong, President of Bet365 PokerEast China Normal University, speech。Qian Xuhong talked about,South China Normal University's establishment of school for 90 years,Always loyalty to the party's education,Persevere,Deep cultivation Normal Education,Walking out a road of first -class university development with distinctive characteristics。East China Normal University and South China Normal University have a multi -level and high -level and comprehensive exchange and cooperation,Driven by the mission of building a strong country in the future,Education、Technology、Talent "Trinity Development Strategy Guide,It will work together to create a new situation of Chinese normal education。

Professor Peter Edwards, Vice President of the University of Aberdeen University, delivered a speech。Peter Edward,2007,Aberdeen University and South China Normal University become partners,Carry out the "2+2" joint training project,Covering Shangke、The field of economics and computer science。Current,More than 400 Chinese students have studied in Scotland through these projects。September 2021,The two universities jointly established the Academy of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence,further enhanced partnership,Looking forward to continuing to maintain friendly and mutually beneficial partnership with South China Normal University。

Suiying Yuxiu, Tao Li Zhuohua.90 years,South China Normal University from standing south to radiation nation -oriented to the world,Cultivated generations of generations of Chinese teachers,Cultivated more than 900,000 teachers and various talents for the country。

Macau alumni,Member of the 13th Australian CPPCC、Representatives of the National People's Congress of the 14th Australian District、President of the Macau Chinese Education Association Chen Hong speaks as an outstanding alumni representative。Chen Hong talked about,Alma mater and Macau deeply deep、Close relationship,is the first mainland university to open a school point in Macau,Nearly 70 % of Macau small and medium -sized teachers have been educated by alma mater。Alma mater to promote the high -quality development of education in Macau,Promote the governance of patriots、Most and diversified development of Macau economy、The construction of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area and the implementation of the "one country, two systems" guidelines have played a positive role。

Mathematics Department 1981 Alumni、Wang Hanqiang, chairman of Guangzhou Qingping Group Co., Ltd., speak as an outstanding alumni representative。Wang Hanqiang said,Tree has a thousand feet high with root,Water flowing thousands of miles of source,Alma mater is the "root" of development and growth,It is based on the "source" of a business。It is precisely because bet365 live online casinoof the care and cultivation of the alma mater and the influence of the spirit of the Chinese teacher,Only with the courage and motivation of firm pursuit of dreams。It is reported,Wang Hanqiang has always insisted on giving back to society,Repay the alma mater,The "Hanqiang Scholarship" its establishment has now funded more than 400 students,Subsidiated students in their respective fields、shining brilliant。

Hongwen taught for teaching, cultivation.90 years,Chinese teachers and students adhering to "hard struggle、Rigid Study、Realistic innovation、The school motto of the teacher ",Jinde Ri Xin、Seeking knowledge,Concentrate to learn、Achievement skills。

Professor of Marxist College of South China Normal University、Doctoral supervisor Chen Jinlong speaks as a teacher representative。Chen Jinlong summarizes the Chinese master in four words: there is a responsibility、Care、With taste、There is a future。He thinks,The school insists on the nature of the teacher,Develop new disciplines that meet the needs of society、Cross Discipline,Comprehensiveness of the school、Innovation type,To expand school development space,Improve the school's social contribution,This shows the school's good development prospects,Show the future school's greater contribution to society。

South China Normal University School of Chemistry Grade 2020 Chemical (Normal University) Professional undergraduate student Zhou Xintao speaks as a student representative。He talked about,90 years of baptism,The deep heritage and tough spirit of South China Normal University。A generation of generations of Chinese teachers continue to struggle,Write the Chinese Division of the Chinese Master with youth and wisdom。"Hard struggle、Rigid Study、Realistic innovation、The school motto of a teacher "is like the road of the lighthouse shining on our road。

For the new journey, start again in ninety.Wang Binwei emphasized,Standing on the new historical starting point,South China Normal University will adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Comprehensively implement the party's education policy,Education for the party、For the talents of national education,Implementing the fundamental task of Lideshu people,Efforts to cultivate loyalty and patriotism、Du Zhili Xing、Chengpu Xuexue、Excellent teachers and all kinds of first -class talents Bet365 Pokerwho defend the innovation,Fighting towards the construction of "Teacher's education characteristics are clear、Comprehensive、The goal of struggle for innovative world -class universities "goes forward,Practice、Creating first -class,Promote the school's various undertakings to climb new high、Create a glory,For the development of the Bay Area、Construction of a strong country、Ethnic rejuvenation makes new and greater contributions。

Last,All participating guests and on -site teachers and students chorus "South China Normal University Song",The development conference ended successfully in the bright singing voice。

Before the start of the development conference,27 student singers and teachers from the four campuses of the three campuses,Singing songs such as "Go Home" with full enthusiasm,Recite "Nine Chuanghua Master,Smart Sustainable ",Changes in Shinshi Month,Recalling 90 Zai Fanghua。At the same time,Play the 90th anniversary of South China Normal University's promotional video "Starting",Looking back on the long -term struggle process of the school for 90 years,Record current era,Looking forward to a beautiful future。