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2021 Education Internship Instructor Training Meeting
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2021 Education instructor and intern meeting
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Education internship mid -term inspection
Education internship mid -term inspection
Education internship mid -term inspection
Education internship mid -term inspection
Education internship mid -term inspection
Education internship mid -term inspection
Education internship mid -term inspection
Education internship mid -term inspection
Teacher Teacher Teacher at the Internship School Lecture
Teacher Teacher Teacher at the Internship School Lecture
2022-1-18 11:27
2021 Undergraduate Teachers Education Internship work is successfully concluded
Source: Academic Affairs Office|Author:Li Nin|Edit: Yangliu Qing

At the end of the semester,Our school 2021 Normal students' education internship also entered an ending stage,The internship work is smoothly advanced as a whole。More than 2600 teachers at our school,178 internship teams went to more than 180 internship schools in early September,Return to the full load in December。Teaching work practice these months,Chinese Teacher Students Show Positive Self,Experience "Lide Tree Man"、Life of "Teacher",I exercised bet365 live casino and sports betting teaching ability and class management ability,Lay the foundation for the excellent teacher who develops into a backbone expert。

mid -June 2021,The Academic Affairs Office held a training session of the Education Intern Instructor,arrangement task,Ask for request。Including the school's "mixed" internship、"Special" internship and college "unified editor" internships attended the meeting。At the end of June,Education Intern instructor and intern held an online meeting,A total of 45 games。During the summer vacation,Our school purchases insurance uniformly for teachers and students participating in education internships,Do a good job of guaranteeing the rights and interests of teachers and students; actively do a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic prevention and control,Real -time follow -up understanding of internship school epidemic prevention requirements,The instructor and students are due to the need to adjust the internship arrangement due to the outbreak of the epidemic.。

early September,The internship team goes to primary and secondary schools one after another,Perform internship practice。Trust bet365 live casino and sports betting Confucian Intern Remote Guidance Workshop Simultaneous Starting Disciplinary Guidance、Class teacher work guidance、Information Technology and Mandarin Promotion Skills Guidance and other online activities。Students participating in mixed internship and unified internship,Mainly to the well-known primary and secondary schools in the "South China Normal University-Primary and Secondary School" (SCNU-SPS "(SCNU-SPS) for internships; students participating in special internships,Mainly go to the school designated by the Zhongshan Education Bureau for internship。The basic content of the internship includes teaching internship、Class Management Internship、Education survey、Participate in the internship process of participating in middle school teaching and research activities and the dual mentor system。Patient guidance of the teacher and instructor in the team、Help,Our students gradually transform the theory of teaching into teaching practice,Rigid Study、Realistic innovation,Constantly accumulate teaching experience and skills,Rich and enrich the teaching process。During Bet365 betting website the period,Our School Academic Affairs Office、Finance Department issued transportation and data subsidies for internship students,successively carried out internship school internship guidance expenses issuance work,Do a good job of financial security for education internship。

At the end of October,Various colleges of our school have arranged internship guidance working groups to go to the internship school to check education and internship work and visit intern,In some areas, some areas failed to go to the on -site inspection due to the epidemic cause.。Specific mid -term inspection content includes observing the intern class and given guidance; discuss and exchange with the intern leader and the instructor of the subject group,Suggestions for collecting educational practice collaborative training; conducting academic lectures in the internship school。Where,A total of 32 seminars conducted by teachers from our school for the internship school teachers and students,Themes involve analysis of subject college test questions、College Entrance Examination Preparation、Disciplinary teaching bet365 live casino and sports betting design、Professional scientific research writing and other aspects。mid -term inspection work gives the college a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the internship of the intern,Help the intern solve the difficulties encountered during the internship,and encourage the intern to continue to invest in education internship with a full spirit。

December,Each internship team returns to school one after another,Complete evaluation、Summary of internship reports and selection of essays。Current,Recommended review in strict accordance with relevant management procedures,A total of 899 educational interns were selected、126 excellent internship captain、Excellent Internship Weekly 483 Articles。

After the educational internship is over,Academic Affairs Office to intern、Internship instructor、An internship school conducted an educational internship work survey,Data indicates: after internship,Internship students expressed their teaching design ability、Organizational management ability and language expression ability is improved significantly。For a teacher who is about to graduate,Education bet365 casino blackjack internship lets them understand the operation of the teacher industry,Improving the professional knowledge and practical ability of disciplines,accumulated teaching practice and work experience。Through internship,More than 80 % of students said that they have deepened their responsibilities for teachers、The degree of understanding of obligations and work content1,and enjoy the process of guiding students' growth,Improving the degree of love for teachers。At the same time,Internship school is satisfied with the ability and quality of our internship students,Including students' ideological and moral quality、Teacher morality and style cultivation、Organizational discipline、Classroom teaching ability、Teaching research and innovation ability、Class teacher work ability、Communication expression ability、Psychological adjustment ability,This is the support and affirmation of our school's education internship。

Our school will continue to strengthen teachers 'education practice and deepen teachers' education reform,Promote the construction of "New Normal University",Make full use of the Bet365 Poker online workshop guidance platform,Optimized education internship management and evaluation work,Strengthen cooperation with local education bureaus and alliance schools,Forms multiple collaborative education mechanisms,Help the promotion of high -quality development of basic education in the East Province。

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