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2021-06-30 11:17:18

"Have a chance to build a party for a century with singing and courtesy,Very excited! "On the afternoon of June 29,When I think of the "Symphony Concert in Guangdong Province Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China in Guangdong Province",The deputy head of the choir group of bet365 live casino and sports bettingSouth China Normal University、Chorus Commander graduate student second -year student Zhang Chuchen is still very excited。

On the evening of June 28,The Propaganda Department of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China、Hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism,The "Guangdong Province Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China in the Celebrity of the Communist Party of China" by the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra is held at the Xinghai Concert Hall,"Don't forget the original intention,Forwarding for Endorization "is the theme,The main line with the 100 -year journey of the Communist Party of China,Use solo、The form of chorus and symphony,Celebrate the 100th anniversary Bet365 betting websiteof the establishment of the Communist Party of China。

Among them,101 members of the Choir of the bet365 live casino and sports bettingSouth China Normal University vibrantly performed 8 songs such as "We Walking on the Road", "Under the Bright Sun", "I Love You China", "Seven Laws · Long March",Bringing youthful vitality to the concert。

What kind of team is the choir of bet365 live casino and sports bettingSouth China Normal University? For this concert,What efforts did they make? Southern+reporters approach them。

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Lean Seeking Wind Calligraphy

As a team of popular students,bet365 live casino and sports bettingSouth China Normal University Choir has recruited members of the whole school for many years,Practice the education mode of Peer Peer,Implementation of college student general education based on chorus education。Among more than 120 members,A member of the "Science Class" from the Conservatory of Music,There are also non -music professional enthusiasts to join,Usually during the elective period and weekend rehearsal。

"At the end of April, we received an invitation from the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra,All 101 members were selected for the performance of all the total mobilization。"Art Chorus of bet365 live casino and sports bettingSouth China Normal University Choir、Introduction to Su Yanhui, permanent command of Su Yanhui,At the end of May, there was a large original chorus poetry drama "Where,Eternal China ",League members are also near the final exam。Time、Mission weight,But students have actively registered,bet365 live casino and sports bettingPassionate high,Lianlian Bate、Squeeze out at noon to rehearse。

Students are serious, and teachers are also improving.

"Seven Laws · Long March" ‘shoot’ ‘shoot’ ‘shoot’ ‘‘ ’’ ’,Should it be ‘PO’ or ‘PAI’ when singing when singing? "Su Yanhui said,To this end, the members of the choir are enthusiastically discussed,Students of the School of Arts also actively verify,It can be said,Each song is constantly learning、The process of teaching long teaching。

And the popular song "Juvenile" in cooperation with Guangdong Experimental Middle School Choir,Successfully mobilized the emotions of the audience during the performance of the night,Welcome。"We discuss many times during rehearsal,Cooperation of college students and middle school students,Voice transitions from childhood to youth,can it reflect the richer level。"Su Yanhui said,Therefore, the first paragraph of children's voice is more prominent in eight degrees,Highlight the Youth Voice when it is the second time,Start with details,Let the audience feel the growth of teenagers delicate。

"I love you,China "," Under the bright sun "is a song that our choir is very familiar with,This performance gathered a number of classic songs,On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party,Cooperate with the musicians of the Guangzhou Symphony bet365 casino blackjackOrchestra to perform,It is a very rare learning opportunity。"The Chief of the Student Group of the Chinese Teacher Choir、Chorus Command Graduate Wang Sijie said。

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Each rehearsal is a vivid red education

"This concert is based on the 100 -year journey of the Communist Party of China,How to let students realize the red theme from art,Drawing spiritual power,It is the premise of completing a good performance task。"as a 28 -year -old Communist member,Su Yanhui regards every rehearsal as a scene of red education。

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The traditional revolutionary song "Seven Laws · Long March" was born in a specific historical background,It is necessary to guide students to learn the party history behind the song,Revisiting the party's years,can you experience emotions more accurately,Respect and restore historical style when singing。"Show classic revolutionary songs,It is a look at history、Help students understand the important process of party history; songs that show the life of the new era,It can also make students feel intimacy,Let everyone invest in the performance with more sufficient emotions。"She said。

"Every rehearsal is not only a music class,It is also a party history lesson、Culture Lesson。"Music (Normal University) Student Wang Kedi said,Nearly half of the 101 members are the same as a freshman as her,This performance is an important experience after entering the gate of the university。Bet365 betting website"After this performance,We can not only make revolutionary songs、Classic track singing,Can perceive the history behind,I realize that the happy life is not easy to live now。”

"Affected by the family,My university actively applies for the party,Can learn to use it now,To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with the chorus,Very glorious。"Zhang Chuchen said,Performance just ended,She will share happiness with her family for the first time,Singing the favorite of the elders "I love you,China "and other songs。

Su Yanhui said,Performance scene that day,The members of the group are also with the audience,is the orchestral "Red Flag Song"、Erhu and the band "My Motherland" and other popular classic works are intoxicated,Choir members are filled with happiness and pride。A moving music cleverly string up the century -long journey of the Communist Party of China,It reflects the combination of inheritance classic and striving for innovation。

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Original chorus "Where, Eternal China" is the party celebration

The Chinese Choir combines red education and art,Rich results。Taste the development of the country in the form of chorus music,"I and the country" in the era of performance,It is a college student music learning、The very important part of artistic creation。

At the end of May,The Chinese Choir staged a love party at Bet365 betting websitethe Guangzhou Grand Theater、Original chorus poetry drama with patriotism as the main line- "Where,Eternal China ",Gifts of the 100th anniversary Bet365 betting websiteof the establishment of the Communist Party of China,Patriotic pioneer dedicated to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

The original chorus poetry drama is based on the life experience of the famous patriotic poet Dai Wangshu,Choose its "Untitled", "Sound in the Cold Wind", "The Night Song of the Wanderer", "Song of the Leaf", "Impression", "Rain Lane", "Dream Search", "When it is sunny", " "In the Prison", "Occasion,", "Blessings", "I Use the Claims of the Hand of the Broken", 12 works,Show his masterpieces in various periods in the form of chorus music works,Showing the poet in the tide of the times,Poetry creation shifts from a low groan for personal suffering to the liberation of the nation,Thoughts of life from a young age to home love,The process of pursuing ideals and light,Singing out the sincere and warm patriotic emotion deep in the poet's heart,Expressing firm belief in the struggle and affectionate praise of eternal China。

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Author/Correspondent: Yao Yao