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Learn a century -old party history, learn from the power

2021-03-02 14:48:27

Spring Full Garden,Red Flag Zhaosa。Early morning March 1,The first "Meeting Flag Raise Ceremony" in the new semester、University Campus and Nanhai Campus at the same time。Academy of Foreign Language and Culture、School of Information Optical Electronics Technology、School of Culture、More than 1,000 students in the preparatory class of ethnic minorities participated in the flag -raising ceremony。

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Our school holds a new semester flag raising ceremony

At 7 am in the morning,Facing the rising rising sun,The flag ritual ceremony officially started。Bet365 betting websiteMembers of the National Flag Guards take a strong step,The bright five -star red flag is moving towards the flagpole。All teachers and students stand for the national flag。"Lift the flag,Singing the national anthem! "The exciting" Volunteer's Army "sounded,The flag -raising bearer throw the national flag high in the air,With the five -star red flag rising,Teachers and students are passionately singing the national anthem,The patriotic feelings in the deep heart are gradually ignited,The bright five -star red flag flutter the wind,shining brilliant。

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Students participating in the flag -raising ceremony

"Hundred Years is just Fenghua Zhengmao",This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,It is also the year of the "14th Five -Year Plan".。After the flag -raising ceremony is over,各学院开展“Learn a century -old party history, learn from the power”主题教育活动。

"Team Xing Meng,Dimension。Protect our flag,Zhuang our country's prestige。"15 foreign language and cultural colleges participating in the school's flag guards brought theme recitation,The posture of the head,powerful arm,firm pace,"I am a foreign country nation,The announcement of my announcement on the campus is echoing on campus,Foreign students with national flags、The vivid story of the national flag and China,Express the feelings of the country、Express the mind of reporting the country。The Party Committee Secretary of the College Zhu Boqun made "Learn the History of the Centennial Party,Draw the Forwarding Power "topic speech,Encourage students to start a new journey、Essence of Essence of the New Era,Study the history of the party carefully,To achieve calcium souls for the realization of the Chinese dream。

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Student party member representatives Bet365 betting websitebring "Red Flag Song" theme recitation

Poetry recitation "Red Flag Song" brought by representatives of student party members、National scholarship winner Wu You, "when you don't forget to come in for a century, come in,Speaking of the theme of science and technology to report to the National Optoelectronics ",Let the youth of the School of Information Optical Electronics transformed the strong patriotic feelings into a surging ambition to repay the country。Secretary of the Party Committee of the College Wang Yan In the "Hundred Birthdays for Ending,Optoelectronics Student Struggle In the theme speech, encourage students to learn the history of the party,Draw the power of faith from the party history;,The power of condensing development; practicing skills,Enhanced forgiving power。

At the beginning of the new semester,Student representative of the School of Urban Culture, Lu Quanji, "New bet365 live casino and sports bettingSemester,New Starting Point "as the title,Share the growth and development plan of the new semester,Expressing "New Semester of Layon,Forge a new era "determination。Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch of the College Lin Coast, "Learn the History of the Centennial Party,Striving to be the Times Youth "as the title,Encourage students to summarize the past、Grasp the present、Looking forward to the future,Draw forward forces、Storage of development power,Convert the effectiveness of party history learning and education into growth into a talent,Dedication for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with excellent results。

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Learn a century -old party history, learn from the power

"Meeting Flag Raise Ceremony" is a brand activity of our school's ideological and political education brand,It is the heart to guide students to be patriotic、Practice the feelings of reporting to the country、The important carrier of patriotism education for the power bet365 live online casinoof the power of the power。The first flag -raising ceremony was held for the first time in the new semester,It means a new starting point、New journey,It will inspire all teachers and students to condense the heart,Endless forgiveness,With excellent results for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party。

Author/Correspondent: Mo Zifeng