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2020-11-10 09:49:42

The "AI General Lecture Teacher‘ Hua Jun ’” that our school took the lead in developing,Enter the elementary school class in the "same class of heterogeneous" teaching and observation activity。On the morning of November 6,The "AI General Teacher English Teacher English Similar heterogeneous" teaching and research activities jointly organized by our school's moral education and education artificial intelligence experiment center and Dongguan Liaobu Town Central Primary School were held at the Central Primary School in Liaobu Town, Dongguan City.。This teaching and research activity was chaired by Ye Peiru, the teacher of Liaobu Town Central Primary School in Dongguan City,Leadership of Education Management bet365 casino blackjackCenter in Liaobu Town、Professor Huang Fuquan Team, Director of Education and Education Artificial Intelligence Experiment Center of South China Normal University、Member of the Studio of Liang Jintang Name Principal、Liu Aiqin Teacher Studio、Went Elementary School English Teacher、All English teachers in Liaobu Town Central Primary School、All English teachers in Liaobu Town and school teachers who are interested in curriculum come to observe guidance。

AI General Teacher English Teaching Course is the theme of Lesson for the Fourth Grade Book Fourth Unit "Let’ s Learn ",Teacher Zeng Xingbing from Liaobu Town Central Primary School in Dongguan City and Chen Diying, a master of primary education in South China Normal University Elementary School, started the "same class of heterogeneous" teaching activities。The former adopted "Lectures on Live Teachers,AI Full Science Teacher Assist "collaboration method,The latter uses the "AI General Teacher Lecture,Real Teacher Assistant "teaching method。AI full science teacher named "Hua Jun",At the moment of appearance, it has Bet365 betting websitearoused students' strong interest。In class,Huajun's standard fluent English pronunciation,Flexible physical activity,Careful interaction with students,Consistent welcome from students。

After the teaching activities of the class,Education artificial intelligence R & D team led by Professor Huang Fuquan carried out research activities for the teaching effect of AI General Science Teacher Curriculum。The investigators conducted a questionnaire survey on all students of the two classes in the two lessons respectively,An interview with student representatives,Understand the feelings of students' feelings of AI general teachers entering the classroom。

Lesson -based teaching display,Professor Huang Fuquan introduced in -depth introduction and analysis of the main lecture on AI general teachers。Follow the frontier of international research,South China Normal University team explored a new direction of education artificial intelligence development -AI All -Science and Technology Teachers Development Design,Its research results have been affirmed in actual elementary school classroom bet365 live online casinoteaching。Teaching by implanting famous teachers、New theory teaching、Big data preferred teaching and other reference system,Then the two teachers co -taught classroom,Realizing teachers from the leader of the classroom to the organizer、The evolution and development of observer and innovators,Promote the effective integration of students' autonomous learning and classroom resources from the real sense。It is reported,Professor Huang Fuquan,The courses advocated by the big courses pioneered the new direction of the discipline,Selection of the famous teaching teacher of the "Special Branch Plan" in Guangdong Province,Now led the team to develop "AI teachers with noble morality and noble ability",has achieved a series of results。

Last,Zhou Qinhan, deputy director of the Education Management Center of Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, summarizes this event。His praise for this event,And emphasized that the integration of artificial intelligence technology and education and teaching is an inevitable trend,May teachers in the classroom can effectively promote the development bet365 casino blackjackof education and teaching。

This "AI General Division Teacher English Same Lesson" teaching observation activity,Provides new ideas and new ideas for the pretty prefimity and representative AI all -scientific teachers to participate in primary education and teaching,Explore the effective help brought by artificial intelligence for students,Bring ideas inspiration to the participants,In order to improve the education and teaching ability of AI general teachers in the future、Develop intelligent English classroom courses to lay the foundation。

AI Teacher Development is a hot spot for artificial intelligence technology applications。Professor Huang Fuquan of our school led the first to develop the "AI Teachers with Outstanding Teachers and Morality" and "AI General Teachers' Lecture Course",Popularly to develop the teaching ability of excellent teachers to AI teachers,It is designed to fundamentally solve the problem of the shortage of outstanding teachers, especially the shortage of outstanding teachers in rural and urban schools。

bet365 live casino and sports bettingThis time the AI ​​teacher course "Same Lesson" teaching observation activity,Digest again,AI general teacher lecture course can significantly enhance students' learning motivation、plus learning investment、Improve learning effectiveness and reduce the burden of teachers' lectures。Students participating in class and teachers attending observation activities,Unanimously given a high degree of affirmation of the performance of AI general teachers in class。

Author/Correspondent: Li Haoran