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2020-11-06 16:03:05

October 29th to 30th, the second nationalFintech University Technology Contest Awards Ceremony is grandly held,From South China Normal University Cloud Computing Safety and Evaluation Technology, the graduate team of Guangzhou Key Laboratory "Bauhinia Road Aviation Group" won the national champion of the blockchain.。2019,The "Bauhinia Road TANK Team" from the same laboratory won the national champion of the blockchain competition in the first National Financial Technology University Technology Contest。So far,Under the participation of many top universities at home and abroad,Our school's cloud computing safety and evaluation technology Guangzhou key laboratory bet365 live online casinohas won all 2 championships of the national technology competition in 2019 and 2020。

Fintech combines the digital economy and new generation of information technology at the forefront of the world,It is currently a hot spot for global industries and research。Fintech National College Technology Contest is committed to the frontier field of fintech,It aims to promote domestic and overseas college students to explore technological breakthroughs and application innovation in the frontier fields of fintech。The review process of the contest comprehensive consideration of the completion of the participating works、Business value and technological innovation。"Product implementation completion reflects a team's hard power -coding ability,It also examines the soft power of students -team collaboration; business value examines the students' understanding of the product market value,Thinking of the product can be expanded and available,This is also the ability that composite talents should have today; innovation focuses on examining the innovative thinking ability Bet365 betting websiteof college students,If an enterprise wants to continue to develop,It is needed such agile thinking and fresh blood。"The head of the organizer said。

Since the start of August 10, 2020,Registration from more than 100 teams from the country,Final entered the final is the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences、University of Science and Technology of China、Zhejiang University、Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics University、Nanjing University、Sun Yat -sen University、Beijing University of Science and Technology、South China Normal University and other domestic and foreign universities a total of 20 teams。

"Bauhinia Road Aviation Group" is sent by South China Normal University Cloud Computing Safety and Evaluation Technology Guangzhou Key Laboratory,Member Xie Zhijian、He Jiahao、Zou Bangqi、Tang Yanjing and Wu Qinglan。The mentor is Professor Zhao Yisen、Professor Nie Ruihua、Professor Yang Jinji and Associate Professor Tang Hua。The team is under the guidance of the instructor,Relying on the new online competition Bet365 betting websitemode,Through 80 days of development online development,With "Time Bank Blockchain Public Welfare Platform" successfully broke through the major colleges and universities,Win the national champion。Works based on the most cutting -edge alliance blockchain technology built a credible time bank,Perform the volunteer's service data on the chain on the board、Service duration into time Monetal to achieve convenient savings and withdrawal in time banks。Volunteers can pass "today's service、Enjoy tomorrow "、"Local Service、Enjoy "Different Places" and other modes to realize volunteer rights in time、Space、Types and other multi -dimensional storage generals。"Time Bank Blockchain Public Welfare Platform" as a demonstration application for the frontier blockchain technology and multi -field technology fusion innovation,Get highly recognized by the judging committee。

Relying on our school's Guangzhou Cloud Computing Safety and Evaluation Technology Key Laboratory in recent years, it has continued to follow -up cutting -edge information security technology,and bet365 live online casinopre -planning、Early deployment,With the support of the school,The laboratory has made long -term and forward -looking investment in the blockchain field。The laboratory team has established a blockchain joint laboratory with the Vechain Blockchain Foundation in Singapore、established in -depth scientific research cooperation with Academician Fang Binxing team of the Chinese Academy of Engineering。Our school has now supported the VEChain Blockchain Foundation, which has supported Singapore to launch the "Weicin" blockchain platform independently developed and has been widely used; our school also cooperates with well -known domestic teams to use blockchain technology to use blockchain technology The Internet infrastructure that supports my country for comprehensive and safe and controllable transformation and upgrade。Under the continuous accumulation,Our school was approved by the Guangdong Provincial Key R & D Plan Project in 2019,Focus on the supervision and security protection of the new decentralized network represented by the blockchain。This project is the key R & D project in the first blockchain Bet365 betting websitefield in Guangdong Province。In addition,Our school also participates in the research and development plan project of three key areas related to the blockchain -related Ministry of Science and Technology。This time our school is also the most objective verification of our school's championship in the field of cutting -edge technology and technological innovation.。

Author/Correspondent: Zhao Yisen